Sustainability and regeneration

Sustainability and regeneration

I work with businesses that give a shit because I, too, give a shit.

Maybe I'm idealistic or maybe I'm an idiot, but I truly believe that we can own businesses and make money without utterly trashing the planet.

I run my business as low-impact as I can, but as a freelancer, I am my business.

So, with that in mind, here's a review of what I do and the impact it has...

💸 I bank with Starling. Their ethics statement is better than any other I've seen.

☁ Emissions from my business are pretty low. There are some emissions involved with cloud storage, video calls, and my equipment (laptop and phone), but I don't really use much else.

🙋‍♂️ As for the more personal stuff?


I power my home (and, as a result, my office/spare bedroom) with 100% renewable energy


I offset my carbon footprint with Ecologi, who fund climate initiatives. Sign up with this link and they’ll plant 30 trees for us!

Everyone else

I try my hardest to work with clients and suppliers that align with my values, so six degrees of separation from me is (hopefully) a lovely place.

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