Set packages

Social Sense-Check

You get: A close review of your social media presence, including easy-to-implement advice that will make you stand out without a huge investment.


You pay: £125

Social Starter

You get: Total social media setup and advice for ongoing best practice - perfect for businesses that aren't on social media yet, but know they should be.


You pay: £160

Review and Refresh

You get: A fresh pair of eyes on your website, fine-tuning and fire-starting your copy to tell your story and improve performance. Bringing it up to scratch, not starting from scratch.


You pay: £250

Avatar ID

You get: A document that goes into the details of your businesses' three most 'typical' customers, their thoughts and feelings, and the way you can communicate with them.


You pay: £300

Monthly Content

You get: Two articles a month (around the 1,000-word mark), that will help your SEO and give your audience lots of valuable, on-brand ideas and advice.


You pay: £350

Brand Voice

You get: A workshop and document that will define how your brand sounds and how you can make it heard in everything you do, everywhere you go.


You pay: £500

Interested in one of these set packages?

Send me an email and mention your package of choice in the subject line.

I can explain how things work in a little more detail and we can go from there!


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