A good marketing campaign tells the world about your thing in a way that reaches the right people in the right place at the right time.

Marketing without a campaign mindset is like going to the supermarket without a shopping list...

You might pick up some great nibbles, but you're going to be filled with regret by dinnertime.

Every campaign is different because every project is different, but here are a few snippets from ones I've developed in the past.

Exeter Community Energy

Winter Warmth

A multi-channel campaign for ECOE's Winter Warmth project - asking people to donate unneeded Winter Fuel Payments to those experiencing fuel poverty.

We focused on local press (print and radio) and email, with some social media content, too. We chose this media mix to reach our target audience directly and indirectly (family members and community groups).

The campaign generated thousands of pounds in donations and supported households across Greater Exeter when they needed warmth most.

Exeter Community Energy

Community Fund

The promotional campaign for ECOE's 2019 Community Fund generated the highest number of applicants and distributed the highest amount of funding to date.

In a similar vein to the Winter Warmth campaign, we focused on local press and email, but also put more focus on social media content to reach community groups in the area.

From community gardens and school workshops to underfloor heating and solar projects, the campaign delivered massive social benefit to the local area.

South West Grid for Learning


An all-digital, £0 budget launch for an online safety podcast.

The detailed, community-focused social campaign delivered pretty pleasing results - gaining hundreds of unique listeners despite budget and hosting limitations.

South West Grid for Learning


ProjectEVOLVE was many years in the making and I was lucky to be asked to help launch it. We tapped into existing customers, online communities, and newsletter subscribers to spread the word about what truly is an incredible resource for teachers.

South West Grid for Learning

Report Harmful Content

This campaign involved national and industry press, culminating in a live tweeted launch event that was praised as "absolute Twitter best practice" by a Twitter employee at the event. That still makes me smile now, so forgive my showing off.

I love working on bigger picture projects like this. So much hard work goes into new products and services, making sure they get the right attention and results feels like proper, fulfilling work.

I'd love to help you get the results your hard work deserves.

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